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Northwest Outfitters

Idaho Outfitter # 17908

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The Coeur d'Alene:
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The fishing has stayed very good on the North Fork river wide.  Not quite as bonkers as last week with the rain, but hopefully we will get more of that this weekend.  Lots of mayflies out and the fish have been looking up.  Saw one salmonfly yesterday and a few goldens up higher, but the bigger bugs have been working better lower down.  We have also been getting fish on yellow sallies, pmd's, caddis, bwo's and a myriad of attractors.  Putting a dropper will still move some fish, but the fish have been looking up big time this week.  Streamer fishing also hasn't been on fire, but has been moving some nice fish so it is worth chucking some meat especially after you have fished the run with dries or droppers.  Good flows to walk this river right now.  Fish some water between the pools and you will be rewarded.  No surprise, but as soon as we got away from the road and hiked the fishing was much better.                                   

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The St. Joe:

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3090 at Calder and 612 at Red Ives so it is game on.  Floating the lower river has been good, but the upper is starting to really open up.  We have always felt the river starts getting good around 600 cfs and becomes really wadeable up high around 300 cfs.  It will still be pushy and tough to wade in places, but more sports are opening up daily.  Stoneflies and drakes up high and a smattering of bugs down low including drakes, pmd's, caddis, carpenter ants, and the like.  Wading is easier down low still since the river opens up down there and it is also a good time to check out some of the lower tribs.  

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Clark Fork
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20,000 at St. Regis and if keeps dropping like this it is finally going to start being an option by next week.  Usually once flows are around 16,000 the fishing starts picking up.  There will be some big hydrolics at this flow, but the fishing can be great as long as  your comfortable on the sticks.  Once it gets below 10,000 it becomes much more doable and can be great floating river. Should be a great end of the month over here!         

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No more Steelhead around here for a couple months.     
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Lakes: Hayden Lake, CDA and the Chain Lakes:  Still fishing well, but getting into summer mode.  Early and late are better, but the cooler weather this week should help mid day as well.     

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Hayden Lake

Spokane River
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The Spokane is open and the flows are still up but starting to drop into a better range.  Hard for us to pass up the CDA or Joe this time of year since they have been so good, but this time of year can be fun to hit the upper section since the trouts are still hanging around!  Great if you don't have a full day and just need to poke around for a few hours.   

Rocky Ford
As other things start happening we are getting fewer reports from over here.  Still a good option but you are passing good things to get there.    
Kelly Creek and the Lochsa:
Can't get into Kelly Creek unless you go the longs way thru Orofino and it is big flows like you would expect right now.  Lochsa is great for white water as well right now. 

Rivers We Fish Regularly:
The staff at Northwest Outfitters regularly fish the North Fork of the Clearwater, Kelly Creek, and The Lochsa River. Call the shop to find out the fishing status of these beautiful Idaho waterways.


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