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Reported: 12/9/2017

The Coeur d'Alene:

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The fishing picked up a bit in the afternoons during the end of the week.  The next couple days look pretty decent just try and focus on the warmest part of the day.  A little ice to contend with along the banks in a few places and in your guides, but the flows are back down to a great level for wading.  Lower river is your best bet and looking for places in the sun is not a bad idea right now.  Streamers and nymphs are the way to go since these fish aren't moving to far for their meal.  Get it down and bump in face and you might find a few nice fish! 

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The St. Joe:

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Pretty cold here.  Looks like the graph had some ice woes, but it is mid December so I guess that is about right.                            

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Clark Fork
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5930 and on the drop, but the reports from over here is that has been pretty cold.  If you are over here it is worth poking around and at these flows even a short float could be fun.  Focus on the slow banks and back eddies during the warmest part of the day and you should find some nice fish.   

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The Ronde is down at a great level again, but there has been a little ice in the mornings.  It has gotten better mid day and there have some reports of finding fish, but if this weather sticks around we probably will be into our mid-December freeze especially up high.  Typically this is a great time to transition over to the Clearwater and the Snake.  The Snake is the warmest and you don't usually have to deal with ice on the Clearwater until you get above Orofino.  Even with the numbers down, there are some big fish around and it is always worth some icy guides to find one of those beasts. String leeches, hoh bo speys, foxee dogs, and egg sucking leeches on a sink tip will slow your swing down and keep in front of the fish longer.  A big egg sucking leech, stonefly or egg pattern under an indicator will put it right on there nose it is just not as easy to cover water.            
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Kelly Creek and the Lochsa:
Shutting down for the winter.  The Lochsa can still fish on the warmer days, but Kelly Creek is tough to get too once the snow flies.    


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Hayden Lake

Spokane River
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4850 below Post Falls so water is up.  A little tougher to get around at these flows, but it is the warmest water around so still worth poking around for sure!       


Click HERE to see the caliber of fish that are in Crab Creek - "any big rainbow that is in a tiny little creek" - they are impressive!

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Rivers We Fish Regularly:

The staff at Northwest Outfitters regularly fish the North Fork of the Clearwater, Kelly Creek, and The Lochsa River. Call the shop to find out the fishing status of these beautiful Idaho waterways.


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