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Reported: 10/16/2018

The Coeur d'Alene:
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The upper river is still good, just the windows are getting shorter for the dry fly action.  Staying down low in the riffles and calmer flats has been very productive and the hatches and feeding windows have stayed around longer.  Mahoganies, BWO's, pmd's and small caddis have been our go too, but there are still some October Caddis, spruce moths, and a few bigger bugs out.  The bigger bugs have been having there moments and a small dropper increases your chances, but overall the small flies on a longer, light leader have been the best way to go. Streamer fishing has still been good to start the day and is moving some nice fish! Olive, grey/black, white, and brown sculpins have been working well for us. 


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The St. Joe:

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Good fishing and beautiful country.  The lower and mid rivers are the best bets right now, since it is getting pretty chilly up high.  The afternoons have been good for dry flying with similar patterns as the CDA.  Short floats have been productive still just don't try floating to far as the windows and the days are getting shorter.     

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Clark Fork
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Getting some good reports from over here lately.  Hoppers/cherbs with a dropper or small dry trailers are still working during the day, but a lot more blue wing olives, caddis and rusty spinners in the flats especially on the cooler cloudier days.  Swinging a soft hackle in the riffles is fun or stripping streamers and some of the bigger fish start getting ready for there fall push!  Shorter floats and so you can stay on the pods of fish will be best from here on out!     

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Prime time!  At least the weather is.  Getting reports that you would kind of expect this year.  If you put your time in you can find some fish, a few more anglers with the nice weather, but it is October.    Swinging is what we like to do, but we also are a big fan of catching these fish any way you want to.  The Clearwater has been pretty good and the fish have been a little bigger this year so get down there and make it happen!  
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Lakes: Hayden Lake, CDA and the Chain Lakes:  Fall fishing on the lakes is starting.  No need to go out early, but the predator fish are starting to get on the prowl.

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Hayden Lake

Spokane River
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Great place close to town if you can't make it into the mountains.  the upper side has been fishing well and the trout have come back.  There is some dry fly action in riffles, but double nymph rigs and streamers seem to find some bigger fish more consistently. 

Rocky Ford
As other things start happening we are getting fewer reports from over here.  Still a good option but you are passing good things to get there.    
Kelly Creek and the Lochsa:
Kelly Creek is in fall mode and fishing well especially in the afternoons.  Lots of spruce moths and a few october caddis, but smaller mahagonies, caddis, and adams bugs really worked well especially during the cloudy/rainy days.   

Rivers We Fish Regularly:
The staff at Northwest Outfitters regularly fish the North Fork of the Clearwater, Kelly Creek, and The Lochsa River. Call the shop to find out the fishing status of these beautiful Idaho waterways.



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