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Reported: 10/19/2017

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The Coeur d'Alene:

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The fishing has been very good and after the rain this weekend next week should be more of the same.  The water has been super clear so a push should stir things up again.  This has been some of the best weather we have had in a long time so might as well take advantage before it gets cold.  The theme of the last few days has been mahoganies, mahoganies, and more mahoganies.  The rain Wednesday was a little weird since there were a ton of tan caddis and not many beatis like we would have expected, but the fishing still was good.  Nymphing has been weirdly slow overall even though we have been getting some nice fish with a small zebra midge or copper john dropper under an october caddis or chubby here and there.  Streamer fishing has been very good.  Lighter color streamers such as the tan sculpin, sculpzilla, or the olive/white dalai lama have been very good and moving some nice fish!                        

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The St. Joe:

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Gonna get a flush this weekend so it might not be the best option, but next week when the water is dropping and the weather warms it could be a great last push up there.  The upper can fish all the way thru the month even into November depending, but the window will definitely be shorter.  The lower river below Avery will be a good option to float and streamers and nymphs should be great until you see a hatch on the warmer days, or you can just keep pitching streamers to the bank and slower seams and it should be fun!  

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Clark Fork
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A great fall over here definitely worth floating or even spending some time in a few runs on foot.  With these stable flows we have been getting some good reports of very healthy fish and not very much pressure!  Chernobyls with a dropper or a short nymph rig are great ways to prospect until you see some heads up in the afternoon.   Usual fall fair with pmd's, caddis, and mahoganies/rusty spinners being the go to especially as it warms up over the weekend.  Streamer fishing right now is also a great way to go as the bigger fish are looking for a big snack before the snow really flies! 

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The fish are here and so are more anglers. Catch and keep season is open in Idaho but that is a good sign the run is better than was predicted.  The Ronde continues to be good even though it slowed down this week with the colder temps and a few more anglers.  Once temps even out and the flows settles down after a push of water it should pick back up.  Shaping up to be a pretty good season after all just hoping conditions stay better thru November than last year.  Floating lines and traditionals are still finding em, but if the water comes up throwing a weighted bug or a light sink tip can make the difference.      
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Kelly Creek and the Lochsa:
Still been getting some good reports from down below the confluence of Kelly Creek in the main North Fork.  This weekend is looking pretty nice, but the window is beginning to close up here!  It can be good all the way thru the end of the month, but they way things look it might be winding down after the next few days!  Snow in the high country also could make getting there a little tricky so be safe!
Reports from the Lochsa have been picking back up with the nice fall weather!  


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Hayden Lake

Spokane River
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The lower has been decent, and the upper side is a good option again.  Double nymph rigs with a stonefly, rubber leg prince, san juan or caddis pupae will be the most productive, but swinging streamers through the seems and tail outs can find some nice fish too.      


Click HERE to see the caliber of fish that are in Crab Creek - "any big rainbow that is in a tiny little creek" - they are impressive!

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Rivers We Fish Regularly:

The staff at Northwest Outfitters regularly fish the North Fork of the Clearwater, Kelly Creek, and The Lochsa River. Call the shop to find out the fishing status of these beautiful Idaho waterways.


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