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Reported: 8/15/2017

The Coeur d'Alene:

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As of this morning Wednesday August 16th, pretty much all of North Idaho is under STAGE 2 FIRE RESTRICTIONS.

Would like to have seen more rain of course, but the river did bump a tick and the cool off is much needed.  Cooler longer nights and lower day time temps have cooled the river off nicely.  Still low and clear so stealth tactics will help, but it is feeling much better up there.  And for now you can breath and see the mountains.  Small beetles, ants, caddis, pmd's and some other attractors are still working, but a dropper under  your hopper or pmx is a good way to find fish as well.  Streamer fishing has picked up you just need to cover more water if your chucking something bigger. 
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The St. Joe:

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Nice cool off up here should make the fishing a little better thru out the day.  No need to be up at o dark thirty anymore as it is kinda cood in the mornings up high.  Terrestrials are the name of the game, but the cooler nights have gotten the caddis, pmd's and even a few sightings of the spruce moth going in the last couple days.  Floating is still an option and while you are scraping a little the lower river has not had as much pressure lately as the upper.           

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Clark Fork
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2700 cfs at St. Regis.  The cool off has helped, of course, over here as well.  Still getting after it early will help, but the window for good fishing has extended longer into the day.  No restrictions on the lower river yet, but the Clark Fork upstream of Rock Creek is under hoot owl restrictions and there are some fires over this way so air quality is pretty bad.  Due to fire activity some of the boat ramps above Superior might still be closed.         

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Hoping for better news, but Idaho just closed retention of all steelhead on the Clearwater for the season.      
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Kelly Creek and the Lochsa:

This is a great time of year to take some time and check out some of the other cutthroat streams around North Idaho.  Kelly Creek and the Lochsa are are both fishing well. Some reports have been better than others but overall the fishing has been great still.

*Alert:  From the Superior Ranger District:  As of 9:00 8/8/17 the trout creek road up to HooDoo pass is closed due to fire*


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Hayden Lake

Spokane River
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The Spokane is now at summer flows and the upper stretches above Sullivan are very bassy.  Going farther downstream will get into the cold water sections where the fishing will stay consistent all summer.  The fishing has been decent and it is a great option for a couple hours before or after work.   Double nymph rigs with a stonefly, rubber leg prince, and caddis pupae will be the most productive, but swinging streamers or a hopper dropper rig can be great fun as well.     


Click HERE to see the caliber of fish that are in Crab Creek - "any big rainbow that is in a tiny little creek" - they are impressive!

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Rivers We Fish Regularly:

The staff at Northwest Outfitters regularly fish the North Fork of the Clearwater, Kelly Creek, and The Lochsa River. Call the shop to find out the fishing status of these beautiful Idaho waterways.


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